A journey of various tools, media and inspiration by an aspiring artist. Painting, Drawing, Tutorials, Digital Art, Anime, Crafts, Jewellery, Galleries, Events... etc. You will find anything and everything that sparks interest in my artistic journey! ~ Anna Legaspi

Dedication Invitation

A friend of mine just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. As she and her partner are both Christian, they have decided to celebrate and dedicate "Dara" to the Lord.

She asked me if I could make a simple invitation that she can send to all her friends via email or WhatsApp. She sent me a photo of Dara (Isn't he adorable) to work on and created the simple invitation below. As usual, this piece is created in Gimp. I am really happy that my friend loved it!

Dedication and Celebration Christian Invitation Gimp Baby Boy Simple Blue

Mayday Trust Healthy Conversations Leaflet

Mayday Trust has requested me to create a fun and inviting leaflet to advertise their "Healthy Conversations" activities within the community. Created using Pixelmator.

Mayday Trust Healthy Conversations Poster Leaflet

An artist's right state of mind + ACEO created using pen and ink.

Have you ever had that feeling of nausea and excitement when you come across an old drawing or artwork? You then think to yourself, "Why did I stop creating pieces in this particular style?"

As an artist, I create a piece I truly believe to be great and marvel at it for a few days. After so, I then see my work as mediocre and forget about the piece that I have just created. As time goes by, these pieces are then forgotten until they are rediscovered.

I was going through some of my old drawings when I came across a piece I made when I was still in highschool which I called "Jungle Abstract". I remember a few people say back then that they really liked my style in that particular piece. It reminded them of the game "Find Wally" apart from you are trying to find all the different plants and creatures nicely camouflaged and merged with each other.

So I thought to myself, "Maybe I should try and recreate more work with the same style". I created this piece prior to my formal learning of the art subject. This piece was what came out when all I had was my own talent and not the skills taught to me at school. What can beat a creation that was made from the imagination of a young and innocent artist?

I sometimes I think that this piece is far better than the succeeding work I have done. Now why is that? I created this piece when I had the right state of mind. I did not think that I needed to create brilliant art to impress anyone. I created this piece because there was something within me that wanted to be released! There was an overwhelming NEED to draw and create something. I didn't care how long it took me to finish this piece; Nor did I care of the time I spent on it. In my head, I knew I was building a masterpiece and the rest was irrelevant.

As I grew older, I forgot that state of mind because like everyone else, I was made to face the reality and necessity of life. I needed to pay bills and get a good job so that I can divulge myself in life's luxuries. I have forgotten what it was like to create something and not expect anything in return. Everything I did had a price, whether it was income or expenses and that included creating art. Sad, I know.

Anna Legaspi Jungle Abstract Black and White drawing Pen and Ink Original Art

Upon reflecting, I have decided to focus on creating rather than thinking of the benefits. Maybe I can create like I used to when I was younger! I would love to be in that state of mind that I was in when I was in highschool.

So I thought I would try small for now. I decided to recreate my style on ACEO and see what would come of it. I created this piece whilst I was chatting to my best friend on Skype. Our conversation was the push I needed to start this through. I was having a quarter life crisis as I reflect back on my acheivements these past 27 years. She then told me, "Don't compare yourself to the rest of the successful people in the world. Your specialty is being an artist. That is what you're really good at. It just so happens that society dictates that what you are good at is something that doesn't pay good money. Nevertheless, you are brilliant at what you do."

Anna Legaspi Original Art ACEO Pen and Ink Black and White Flowers and Dragonfly

For all the other artists out there, I hope you find your right state of mind if you are in the same boat as me. If all artists were the same, we would all produce some pretty amazing art!