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Abstract Nail Art


I am a girl and I love getting my nails done but having it done professionally is quite expensive. Since I love painting anyway, it works to my advantage to paint my own nails! Since I was a teenager, I have always aimed for clean, evenly spread nail varnish. No bubbles, no marks. With this, I now ask… WHY???

It has always bothered me as to how nails always have to look so perfect. When you go a nail salon, you don’t exactly request for your nail design to be as messy as possible. In fact, people always want for the design to be consistent, accurate and perfect. I think I’m going to rebel against the norm and mess up my nail design as much as I possibly can. I’m going abstract! All I have to do is splatter nail polish to my heart’s content!


The end product? Messy, but satisfying! Kind of cute too!


Abstract nail art cute

Abstract nail art cute

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